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Airsoft Team - Kommando Münchhausen

Airsoft Team Kommando Münchhausen [ASTKM] setzt sich aus volljährigen Airsoft-MilSim-Spielern zusammen. Wir wohnen in den Landkreisen Holzminden, Hameln, Höxter, Hildesheim und Hannover, also südliches Niedersachsen. Oberste Priorität hat für uns die legale und sichere Ausübung des Hobbys.

Gegründet 2004 und ständig verbessert - Shut up, grab your gear and follow us!

MilSim Situation Cards (MSSC)

MilSim Situation Cards (MSSC) Version 1.0 von 2013to german version

The MilSim Situation Cards are a kind of help for the organisation to gain state of play. On these cards we are not providing ready-made situations for your game. They are just "empty" submittals which could be filled out as needed by the organisation.

Table of contents

Game principle

MilSim Situation Cards are made to portion out by organisation to special persons in the different teams or to locate them in special points of interest. The cards should be opened at specified time, location or event.
Also you can give the enemy the opportunity to capture these cards like the OpsInfo-Cards.
The right to exist of these cards are the chance to bring tasks/missions/information without effort of the organisation into the game. There is no possibility of wiretapping or other "technical spying".

Card types

We are providing just the submittals. The content had to be add by the organistion of the game.

Usage of MSS-Cards in the game

The MSS-Cards are only opened after a exactly defined instruction. This instruction will be provided by the organisation. If cards could be conquered by the enemy they have to present automatically when the "owner" is getting rummaged or taking as a prisoner.

Manufacturing the MSSC

Download the cards:

Print: Paper format is the German/European externA4-format. The PDF-Files are arranged that first comes the frontside and the backside of the card. When printing them on a duplex printer you just choose "Duplex print", "not scaled" and "not turned and aligned". So the result should be OK (we tested that on several and different printers/machines).
Labeling: The cards are empty and must be labeled by the organisation as needed.
Next step is to cut the cards:

Crease: Set the first crease on the marked position and then roll the whole card up. It depends on the paper type and paperweight that results are not exactly like shown, so please test a little bit.

Sealing: At the end simply bring a clip on every side with the stapler. (Hint: Set the clips as wide to the front as possible.)

Sometimes it could be a little bit tricky to open the cards with gloves. If you want to help the players you could perforate the cards before you start to crease them. At the first idea this is just for professionals, but there are so called externperforating tools available in craft stores for under 10 €. If you are using the cards often this could be very helpful and the players will be grateful.


Take part

You like the idea/cards and you would like incorporate into the development? Well, the register in our Board and help us to bring this further... Especially for helping by nativ-speakers we would be very grateful.